About Leanne


Hi – thanks for dropping by!ldv_profilepic__june2016

I’m Lee, mum to two kids (son, 12 and daughter 10) and stepmum to two more (stepson 16 and stepdaughter, 11). Four kids keeps me on my toes and organised – there’s no other sensible way to manage a large family!

A technical writer by profession, I write choral music and NaNoWriMo novels for fun and “me time”. I’ve been fortunate to have had many of my compositions performed in dozens of countries around the world, and several of my novels have been published.

On this website, you’ll find my NaNoWriMo novels – free drafts of fast-write 50,000 words novels I had to create in 30 days or fewer. I’ve won NaNoWriMo every year I’ve attempted it, reaching the 50,000 word deadline within 30 days (1,667 words per day).

To complete NaNoWriMo is quite an achievement, and has taught me adherence to strict deadlines, goal-setting and time management skills at a high level. I hope you enjoy browsing through the NaNo drafts as much as I enjoyed writing them!

If you enjoy creating writing and facing up to challenges, I really recommend giving NaNoWriMo a go!

When not glued to a computer, I enjoy gardening, creative cookery (Cantonese recipes are a speciality!), and building stuff with my own hands.

I’d love to travel to Antarctica, and my dream holiday is to go snorkeling off the Greek islands. Favourite foods include sushi, kalamata olives and anchovies (yes, those little hairy fishies!), and I adore Beethoven. Here’s Meeresstille und Glückliche Fahrt (“Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage“) for your enjoyment. Because it’s beautiful 🙂






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