I’ve written a novel. Now what?

I started this blog for my 2011 NaNo novel. It’s done and dusted.

Go me. I deserve much chocolatey goodness.

2011 wasn’t the first time I’d done NaNo, or the first time I’d written a book. I wrote my first full-length novel when I was in year 10 (I think it was year 10 – it’s hard to remember). It was titled “The Lion Club” and was truly awful.

Back in those days I didn’t have access to a computer. Sure, we had one, but it was my brother’s, and All Hell Broke Loose if I were to touch it, because (you know) computers are for men and boys, not for women and girls. It was bought for him, was used by him, and I had to Keep Away.

So I hand-wrote the thing in exercise books, neatly, just in case anyone should ever happen to want to read it.

Ironically, had I typed “The Lion Club” on computer, it would probably be lost now, because those were the days before the internet. I’d have probably saved it on floppy, and it would probably have degraded over time, and have likely be thrown out eventually.

Instead, I treasured my first efforts, and “The Lion Club” is still with me today, sitting in a box under the house. Slightly moth-eaten and very dusty, but quite readable.

Get to the point, dammit!

So…why am I talking about this?

Because I’m going to go down under the house, find that blasted “Lion Club” book, and typeset it, and publish it here on the NaNo blog. Who knows – maybe it won’t be as truly, gut-wrenchingly awful as I suspect it is. We might even get a good laugh. IT’s worth find out anyway!

Before I do that, though, there’s another effort of mine, already typeset, that I’m going to publish here. It’s my original 2005 NaNo – the first one I ever did. It’s titled “EarthWitch” and is actually quite good – much better than “Vortex” (hmmm…I seem to have a thing about single-word titles happening here…).

EarthWitch is a fantasy “quest” style novel for young adults, with a whole stack of myth and magic thrown in for good measure. If you like that sort of thing, it’ll probably be right up your alley.

I’ll post up EarthWitch chapter by chapter, in its original, unedited form, so you can have a read. The first two chapters are already up, and you can start reading today, if you have a will to. You’ll be able to navigate the novel via the Earthwitch Navigation tab at the top of the blog. Or you can subscribe, and get chapters sent to you in your inbox.

Like “Vortex”, the novel is just over 50,000 words long.

Here’s a link to the first chapter. Happy reading!

EarthWitch Chapter 1: The House That Wasn’t


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