I wrote a novel, and all I got was this crummy certificate…

It is kind of cute though 😉

I’ll be revising “Vortex” and editing it, then releasing it for sale as an e-book.

I might even make $20. Who knows?

It’s been fun. Thanks for reading – especially all those “quiet” readers here in Dunedin who I’ve been tracking with my blog and feed counter. An audience is always appreciated – even a quiet, anonymous one!

Next I’ll now be posting my other NaNo novel, “EarthWitch”, which I wrote in 2005. I hope you enjoy reading it.


6 thoughts on “I wrote a novel, and all I got was this crummy certificate…

  1. Wow! I’d say this is the best kind of crummy certificate one could get! Congratulations, Leanne!!! Yes, it would be nice if the prize could be measured in $$$$s.

    • Hi Leta – Well, I wrote the novel mainly to get back into the “stream” of writing after a long, loooong time off…and also to get some stuff cleared out of my head which has been weighing on me for too long. Now it’s done, and over with, and I feel great – and have the certificate to prove it! Hehe.
      Somehow I suspect that J K Rowling needn’t worry about me just yet, though…

  2. Hi Dotty – Thanks so much for the feedback! If you’re interested, I’m posting my 2005 NaNo novel “EarthWitch” up for reading now, chapter by chapter. To be honest, I think it’s probably a better book than “Vortex” – it was at least *planned*, rather than a flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants experience!

    Did you write a NaNo as well? It’s been fun!

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